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The Tank Car is a truly awesome thing to behold in person.

Gale is a very cool dude, and one of the only actual genius-type persons that I know. He has some very interesting things to say on the subject of alternative-fueled and hybrid vehicles, too. He is a consultant for the next X-Prize, and (among other things) worked on a prototype hydrogen-powered car in the 70's!

His shop is drool-worthy, too. Batman would be jealous of the gadgets he has in there!

Our turbo work-up on Jay's 'Tank Car' will comprise a lot more than four installments so check back as we are trying to do an installment a week. The whole deal started with my wanting to return a number of favors to Leno. He was way ahead of me and I wanted to even the score. So I sent him a note saying as much.
Next thing I know my cell phone rings, hey Gale I want to turbo the Tank Car.

hey diego just thought i would touch base about some friends of mine that are new to the blogosphere but are definitely into unabashed gearhead gnarliness. see here a report from about a car show in italy - "the mythical machine" lovely.

re*move is all about the future of movement - and great design and sustainability

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