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One thing in RE to the location of the spare - most trucks have a spare that's lowered by cable from the underside of the bed. One comment I remember reading about this truck, is that the location is problematic in case of a flat with a full load in the bed - you're then forced to remove everything just to get to it. Certainly a tradeoff, but a sign that it's aimed a bit more towards the "pickup stuff from Home Depot" crowd. Nice design ideas otherwise.


PLEASE don't rub the Ridgeline in my face. I wanted a Ridgeline to get out to our place in WV (steep gravel road), but Mari vetoed it in favor of a Subaru. Oh well, the Subaru is nice too, and probably more practical. Just not a Ridgeline....


Hey, I want one, too, but I can't justify the gas mileage.

I'm waiting for a diesel in 2009, though the historian in me says "wait for the 2nd-gen model in 2011". Honda usually nails the value proposition the second time around.

We'll see!

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