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Right on. My other big hotel thing is noticing if they've vacuumed the corners. After a year doing NASCAR I found vacuumed corners to be sort of a rarified thing!

What hotel was this?

If you want to see really good switches, come to Europe a bit more. Just last weekend, I was at the Hotel Omm in Barcelona (http://www.hotelomm.es/). They have a really elegant set of switches (round in matte/satin steel, within a steel frame, no cheap plastic, no visible screws); but the best thing about the bedside switches to control the lighting of the entire room is that they are really thoughtfully designed, including a bathroom-only switch. Why? If you wake up at night, you most likely need to go to the bathroom. This switch allows you to see where you're going but keep the bedroom dark, without shining a light on the person sleeping next to you and waking them up. Sorry I did not take a picture!

LivePaola, I am in total agreement about Omm. I didn't get closeups of the switches, but I loved the room enough to capture these photos

Flickr set from Omm

Back when I was on Kaiser health insurance I noticed that in every examination room I went into, regardless of which hospital, the screws on the light and power panels were all turned vertical. (To my eye this is more aesthetically pleasing than the horizontal alignment, it matches the switches themselves.) But my guess was that in this case there was a mandate in the contract about this that the electricians were held to, rather than some deep caring on their part. Who knows why, perhaps like a rider in a rock group contract where they are only to be fed brown M&Ms so that they can see how well the contract was read.

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