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interesting site

You may want to check out Penn's Positive Psychology Center... some interesting work being done on the effect of emotion and performance. Link: http://www.psych.upenn.edu/seligman/

We're certainly kindred spirits in this regard, Diego. I've written, and consulted, about the connection between engagement and innovation. I believe we're on the cusp of a significant realization: the either/or thinking that separates productivity and love is about to give way to a recognition of a deeper connection between the experience of creating something wonderful, and the experience of want to purchase that thing.

Thanks for a cool quote, and I agree completely. I have looked at this a lot - I'm the Chief Happiness Officer of the Happy at Work Project in Copenhagen, Denmark (no, really: www.happyatworknow.com). The best way I've seen to promote this, is to commit to it as a company. Some very succesful companies have done so:
Southwest Airlines
Semco (in Brazil)
Kjaer Group (in Denmark)

They basically say: Happiness at work is the top priority for us and act accordingly. It's not rocket science :o)

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