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I am looking forward to seeing the film. I've been following people's reactions/reviews in the blogosphere. One 'hot' item appears to be the 'Zissou' Adidas shoe. I think I read about 10+ blog posts of people asking "Where can I get them!"

Yep -- those Adidas Zissou shoes are pretty cool.

I think what makes them so cool is that Wes Anderson went to such lengths to create a perfect facsimile of a vintage Adidas shoe. If the shoe actually existed, it wouldn't be cool, know what I mean?

However, I do want a pair and wish that Adidas would make a run of 'em.

Man I love those sneakers!
I have seen fakies on ebay etc. going for 110bux!!? 4 stripes on them LOL.
I have also seen some guys recreate them using adidas ROM series.
I guess I'll just hope and pray. Or maybe stalk Bill Murray until he gives me his if he owns any.

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