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Were his arguments seen as controversial amongst the crowd? I'm surprised that you mention that people "may not agree with all of Stevenson's arguments."

He certainly challenges convention, but since it is the silent, invisible convention I would imagine it to be less overtly controversial than typical political jargon.

I was floored by this speech, particularly, as you point out, how eloquently he flowed from stories, to points, back to stories. Unbelievable. I'm also curious how the crowd responded in the hours/days afterwards. The points made relate to things members of the crowd could, if they chose to, impact in the future.

Mr. Bromka,

Thanks for your comment. It is indeed a beautiful speech. In terms of my caveat of "you may not agree..." I didn't hear much disagreement voiced while I was at TED, but in reading through the comments at TED.com, there are indeed some alternative viewpoints being expressed. It's an important speech, one which I hope people will watch regardless of their initial thoughts or reactions.

This is absolutely mind blowing. It was truly inspiring.

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