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» … And The Truth Shall Set You Free from Innovating To Win
It is interesting to see how high-profile innovation practitioners express their views on innovation. I just noticed a reference to an interview of Ivy Ross, Chief Creative Officer for Disney Stores on Bruce Nussbaum’s NussbaumOnDesign blog (who was in... [Read More]



The following quote from Ivy's interview leapt out at me, since it was the main insight I gleaned from the d School class you blogged about below (see

"We have to invent new ways of being, a new
aesthetic. It has got to come from
this diversity of people building on
each others’ ideas to create something
totally new. I think it’s the way we are
going to get breakthroughs to happen."

This is a departure from the clean divide between creator/producer (of a good or service) and user/consumer. Instead of telling the user "Sorry we don't offer that variation or feature," we are moving toward "Here is the basic product/code; feel free to modofy to meet your tastes, and it would be great if you would offer your variation to other users as well."

Whilst I agree with Ivy Ross's comments
On the drivers of innovative behavior:

I also believe that creativity and innovation are built around trust and freedom. Companies don't get that. They think it is a process. It is really about creating trust between the people creating and the freedom to go to new places.

I also think that the physical and mental space needed for creativity and new product experiences are greatly facilitated by process, but often we procedurise that process "to make it predictable"... a great art book called "Trust the Process: A guide to letting go" by Shaun McNiff, is all about what the creative process is and isn't... provocative!

Dennis -- yes, I think we've reached a point where the people formerly known as the audience are being empowered to become part of the solution. It's exciting stuff, but it will require a substantial retooling of our organizations.

Tartie -- thanks for the McNiff book reco. Will check it out.

Hey Diego.
Came here searching for info on the thoughts of Ivy Ross.
The download link to the pdf doesn't seem to work anymore.
Any chance you could reuopload it (or mail me) - I would be very grateful! Seems like some excellent points I would like to dig deeper into.

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