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» Al Gore Soars At TED Conference. from NussbaumOnDesign
Al Gore's speech on global warming at the TED conference is generating lots of buzz. Here's where you can here a pod-cast of the big guy. Diego Rodriquez's great blog, Metacool, got me to the speech. The Google PageRank for... [Read More]


Congrats, Diego. Metacool's Google rank says several things: first, design is hot; second, demystifying design is even hotter; third, authoritative voice with a human touch attracts attention! Keep up the good work.

have you considered making all your webstats
open? might help make your project easier. It's funny I found out my blog is the top search result for Eureka on msn.co.uk because I reviewed a japanese film of the same name.


please explain me clearly


after the update the pr fluctuates till for a week or so till all servers sincronise

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Congratulations for this achievement! I see that metacool is still keeping thier PR - this show that infectious ideas are still popular.

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