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The bazaar approach is spreading into other arenas like a wonderful virus. While there are many examples, here's three: Open source beer brewing (http://www.voresoel.dk/), Jones Soda (http://www.jonessoda.com/), and Cory Doctorow's science fiction writing (http://www.craphound.com/).


I read his manisfesto before. Who would have guessed that these ideas were going to be impacting business? Anyway, building on his ideas, is an essay by Paul Graham and a post on siliconvalleywatcher. links here...


Have you seen Tara Hunt's new manifesto. She calls it Pinko Marketing, but there is debate about the name. Nonetheless it's a commons-based marketing approach.

her blog: www.horsepigcow.com
the wiki: https://pinkomarketing.pbwiki.com/

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