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Best true geek father proclamation I've read so far :-D

Boss, Truly you are a geek, I just saw your latest project at metacool --- we have a photo here at work...and really am so amazed at the intricate details --- very lovely :-). I am very happy for you and your partner on this project, that you have this miracle.


Woo-hoo! Well done, sir.

Congrats on the new... uh, creation! It sounds like she's definitely one-of-a-kind and well worth many sleepless nights.

Huge congratulations. No doubt this product release will give you more unqualified joy and amazement than all the rest.

Congratulatioins daddy-dude! That's wonderful news. You might have to change the contents of "On The Nightstand" to baby monitor

I'm looking forward to seeing your presentation - well done to all three of you! You're in for a wild and wonderful ride.


Wonderful news, congratulations.

I've got an extra owner's manual if you want it:

From the first drawings, it looks like a beautifully crafted piece of biomachinery.
Well done
Proud Tio-tio Valentin

the art & science of bringing the coolest stuff to life, by Diego Rodriguez

lots of love

!!! keep up this level of nerding excellence and she'll be entertainingly excruciatingly embarrassed by you in about 14 years. Shes beautiful...

Rejoicing with you! I'm a grandfather with my second grandchild on the way - I've found branding to be a wonderful challenge that extends way beyond the naming phase. Keep creating, Mike

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