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i knew you were refering to bmw...

No, it's a Lancia

i know :), but when clicking the "jolie laide button" under the picture you asume that it takes you right to the heart of the matter...

the bmw z3 coupe.

... got the feeling this was part of the message...

and for s.th. completely different - well, still automotive - just checked FREUD + SUV on google - looking for some thoughts of freud's IT and the heroes of our motoring world..
and found this


"was freud a minivan or suv kind of guy?" interesting article from 2000

and if you also think of the porsche cayenne and of the new range rover sports - and how they blow and bubble underneath you - hey, this is the raw underworld power of freud's IT - great fun - almost like riding a whale

... don't get me wrong, this is not an ad.
peronally i am more on the environmental side ...


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